Indulgence at her mooring
She is a 1982 Pearson 424 Ketch
Launch Day!
She is ours!  Indulgence is being
launched at Handy Boat in
Falmouth, ME.  
This website is to document our family
adventures on Indulgence and around Maine
A brief history of Indulgence
We want to share with family and friends our  adventures
and have developed this website as a way  to take all our
shore-bound friends and family along with us.
Please follow along as we work, live and sail on Indulgence
Sailing Vessel Indulgence website
Our refit plans and progress can be found on the s/v Indulgence page
A Blog of our adventures can be found on the Log page
Photo's are in the photo album page
To learn more about us, go the About us page.
Welcome to our web page
We purchased Indulgence in the Spring of 2006 from Jayne Merrick.  Tragically,
her husband Ed Merrick passed away on Saturday, August 6th 2005 after falling ill
while aboard Indulgence the day before while nearing the end of their July cruise.  
Ed and Jayne meticulously maintained the boat, and according to the broker,
planned to take Indulgence to the islands when Ed retired.  Many of those in the
424 community fondly remember Ed and his help on technical matters.  Given
this history and the fact that we have yet to change the name of a boat we owned,
we decided to keep the name.
Prior to Ed and Jayne purchasing her in 1997, she was the "Two III's".  She was owned by two
men who lived aboard her in Boston Harbor and sailed her very little.  Prior to that, she was
"Seaquel" from Rhode Island.  Interestingly enough, the same broker handled the listing for the
last three owners:  John Procter of
Lawson Yachts
contact me at john (at) svindulgence (dot) com  
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