The Crew
The Sommer Family
We are a family of four (daughter, son, mother and
father) living in the Stroudwater neighborhood in
Portland, ME.  Georgia is our daughter and the
youngest, Jasper is our Son, Lorri is my wife, and my
name is John.
Jasper at Niagara Falls
Here is a picture of Jasper at Niagara Falls
on our way to a family reunion in Michigan.
Georgia having fun on Indulgence
Georgia hamming it up while
underway in 2008
About Us
John with a fish in Chile
In 2004, my rommate from college started a rafting
company in Patagonia, Chile rafting the Futaleufu
River....   I took some time out for
Fishing!   If you're looking for an excellent adventure,
this is it!
Lorri overlooking to Futaleufu
In 2005, it was Lorri's turn.