Maine 2010: July 16 - July 24
On July 16th, we dropped our Mooring at PYC for a year long cruise.  Our first cruising
destination was Maine.  We started out for Sebasco, but as we were just of Jewel Island, a
very thick fog rolled in and I decided to divert to Jewel.  As we got the anchor down, the fog
lifted...we decided to stay an spend the night.  The next day we motored on calm seas to
Sebasco, where we met up some fellow PYC cruisers.  Here is a picture from the boat
looking our Sebasco Harbor.
We left Sebasco on the July 18th for Sawyer
Island (near Boothbay Harbor) to stay with a
close friend.  
Here I am "exploring my inner power boater" as Lorri likes
to say.  She seams to think that I am too quick to turn on
the engine when the winds die.

Please note Georgia's flip flops and Jaspers
sunglasses...recent purchases from our shopping trip in
Unfortunately the Autopilot ceased to function on the way to Boothbay.  I had to
pull the APU and send it to California for them to perform some diagnostics on it.

We departed Boothbay for Christmas Cove, a short motor.  We rented a
mooring at the extreme price of $40 per night.  Turns out it worked out very well
as a series of very strong thunderstorms came through.  As the storm raged, we
were down below watch a Harry Potter movie.
We left Christmas Cove for the White Islands.  We had an
excellent 30 mile sail, at times reaching 8+ knots.  The boat
handled great.  However, our autopilot was severely missed
as we had to hand steer the whole way.  We have been very

We love the White Islands.  The Kids and I motored a short
distance to Hurricane Island (the former home of the
Hurricane Island Outbound School).  I did an 11 day trip back
in the 80's and had very fond memories of my adventure.  
Unfortunately, the former site was abandoned by HIOBS.  It
was like a ghost town and it looked like it was abandoned in a
hurry with furniture, food, and various manuals still about.  It
was very sad to see.

The kids and I went ashore at the White Islands for more
exploring while Lorri organized our year supply of canned
beets.  The trick to a nice night at the White Islands is to put
out a stern anchor to hold the boat's into the swell.  
On Saturday July 24th, we left the White Islands for Long Cove.
The wind had come up and Thunderstorms were forcasted...we
wanted to find a more secure spot.  The Cruising guide shows
Long Cove as a Hurricane Hole...very secure.
even managed a short nap.  This a very quite anchorage
and very secure.