Maine 2010: July 30 -August 3rd
After 3 full days in Northeast Harbor (one
whole day dedicated to food and laundry), we
set sail for of our favorite
places and the best lobster roll in the state of
Maine (

We spent two pleasant days there and
enjoyed having internet access in the harbor.  
We spent our time hiking and lounging.
3/4's of the island is protected land...providing very remote beaches and nice hiking trails...while there we meet another PYC boat Geo
Nova.  We talked to
After Frenchboro, we motored to Burnt Coat Harbor.  It was Sunday and everything was closed.  The kids and I decided to go swimming in an old
granite quarry.  We found a nice spot to jump off.  Unfortunately, Georgia's foot slipped and she essentially belly-flopped from 3 meters
up...OUCH!.  The kids an I headed back to the boat for a shower, as the water in quarry smelled.  The next day we were off to
Wreck Island.
Wreck Island is nice remote Island in
Merchants Row just off Stonington.  
We had the anchorage to ourselves
for the day and went exploring and
swimming in the 60 degree water.