Long Island 2010: August 14th  -
September 7th
Heres a summary of the last month.  We left PYC for points south on 8/14......

We attempted an overnight sail but were defeated by rising winds and waves on nose.  We detoured into Portsmouth at 2 AM.  We also noticed
that the engine was running a bit hot.  The next day we had a gentle motor to Gloucester, MA.  We spent 2 days at a dock there....I thought I
fixed the issue and off we headed to the Cape Cod Canal...but engine issues forced us to detour into Situate...2 more days.  I was finally able
to fix the issue (a stuck thermostat) and we headed for Quissitte Harbor on the Cape.  There we spent three very nice days with our dear
friends the Gardiners.  After that we decided to detour to Marion for some more engine repairs (a leaking injector).  Unfortunately due to
corporate incompetence of the highest sort, we were stuck in Marion for a week waiting on a part.   We ended up paying more in shipping than
for the part.  I will pestering the Director of Marketing for Westerbeke any time I start to feel ornery and we have a cell phone coverage.

However our stay in Marion was very pleasant...our new Friends the Wurtses took very good care of us.  We visited Plymouth Plantation and
the Battleships at Fall River.  A couple of Library trips and some dinners with our new friends made the stay very pleasant.   The boat yard was
a class outfit (Burr Brothers) and we has some other work done while waiting on the parts.  The bill was reasonable and Burr Brothers threw in
the dockage for free.

However, we were ready to get moving as Hurricane Earl was headed up the coast.  We made a quick sail south visiting Cuttyhunck  and Block
Island and then west into Long Island Sound where we headed up the CT River.  We found a nice Hurricane hole at a place called Hamburg
Cove were we spent 4 days.  We spent another day exploring the CT River and found an nice anchorage in a place called Seldon Creek...very
nice.  It was pretty cool cruising on the river as it was fresh water...the only downside was all the power boats and their huge wakes.  We also
explored a place called Gillette Castle....a very nice stop.

After that, it was a couple of "move the boat" days...first to Port Jefferson, then to Oyster Bay, and finally to Manhassette bay where we are re
provisioning and waiting for a weather window to "move the boat" south to the Chesapeake.
Jasper and Georgia entertaining
themselves on one of the moorings in
Cuttyhunk Harbor....below is a picture of
Newt snoozing away the day while we were
en route to Block Island....tough life.
We just dropped the hook at Block and hurried on the next day to the CT
River as the forecast was all "doom and gloom" with Earl heading our way.  
We decided to head up the CT River...In this case, over an hour up to
Hamburg Cove (and excellent Hurricane Hole!).  After Earl had past, the
winds and waves in LI Sound were still a bit high so we decide to explore the
CT River for anothe day...below are some photos of Gillette Castle and
Seldon Creek.
The River was all freshwater....and very warm.  We really enjoyed the river (with the
exception of the wakes from the power boats).  We had a big "move the boat" day
motoring to Port Jefferson and then to Oyster Bay and finally to Manhassette Long