Maine 2010: August 8th - August 14th
After Camden, we went to Isleboro for the
SSCA GAM...from there we went to Castine
where we had a nice couple of days catching
up with Lorri's family

good friend of ours managed to secure us
docking at the Maine Maritime docks.
From Castine, we headed south, back to PYC
for some provisioning and new equipment.  We
motor-sailed to Tenant harbor where we met
some new friends(Jay Wurtz and family) and
had them over for cocktails. The next day we
headed for Damrascove of our
favorite spots in Maine.

Here are some photos of the boat in the harbor.
 While there, a thunderstorm came
through...fortunately our stern anchor held and
we managed the night nice and snug.

After Damrascove it was off to PYC for some
much needed re-supplies...
-a new number 2 battery bank
-a new computer for Lorri
-an inflatable kayak...a replacement for the
hard dingy we were carrying on the bow (very
heavy and seldom used to justify bringing it

All in all a very expensive couple days (rental
car, etc).

We had a nice dinner with my Step Mother and
Lorri got to spend some time with her close
friend Sue.

We left PYC for points south on 8/14.