Dominica - February 2011
We had 10 wonderful days in Dominica.  We made lots of friends and saw a lot of the country.  It is a very beautiful island with some stunning
scenery.  The nature aside,  one of the nicest things about Dominica is the warmth of her people.  We really enjoyed meeting and interacting
with locals.
One of the first things that everyone does after arriving in Portsmouth, is take a trip up the Indian River.  You
need to do this with a local guide.  This was a location in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie....when Captain
Jack went up the river to meet with voodoo priestess
Next we heading up over the mountains to the Atlantic side of the Island.  We explored a "cold" volcano and went swimming at another beach (the one in Pirate
Movivie where they had the fight on the rolin