NYC & Chesapeake: Sept 8 - Sept 20th
We left Manhasset NY in the early afternoon for our trip down the East River and out onto the Jersey Shore....the trip was uneventful as we had a
nice NW  wind.  We sailed all night to Cape May NJ.  The next day we sailed up the Delaware River and into the Chesapeake.  We spent a couple
of days on the Sassafrasss River and then sailed to Dobbins Island where we spent two days. Then it was on to Baltimore.
It was second attempt at an overnight sail....

The first one didn't work out sailing down the Gulf of
Maine...this one consisted of an night off the Jersey Shore
with not a lot of options to bail out if things didn't work out.  
Fortunately, the weather cooperated and we had a nice sail
from NY to Cape May NJ.

And then on to the Chesapeake where we took it easy for a
couple of days....first on the Sassafrass River and then at
Dobbins Island.