Chesapeake: Sept 20th - Sept 28th
We had 5 wonderful days in Baltimore.  Then it was off to the more remote Eastern Shore.  We headed up the Chester River and spent our first
night at Langden Creek.  We anchored off a small island...that night the winds really picked up (20 kts), so we decided to move upstream to a
more sheltered Creek...Corsica River.  We had a very nice 2 days, though a bit hot (90 degrees) and some thunderstorms came through.  The
next day, we motored down Chester River, through Kent Narrows where we bumped ground a couple of times and then proceeded on to St.
Michaels where we spent two very pleasant days anchored in the harbor.  After St. Michaels, we headed up the Wye River to Dividing Creek and
spent two days anchored in a very quiet creek.  We occupied ourselves crabbing and hiking the trails of Wye Island.  We left Dividing Creek for
Annapolis where we spent two very pleasant days.
We then heading to St. Michaels through the Kent Narrows.  We loved St. Michaels as they had a great Maritime Museum and wooden boat building
shop.  There were a couple of Maine guys there....apparently they get many of their apprentices from Maine programs.
At Langdon Creek, we anchored next to a small
island...apparenty the Bald Eagle liked this place too.....
Where we were on Langden Creek was a bit exposed to the southeast....the winds came up and decide to move across the Chester
River to the Corsica River.  We really liked the Corsica River...very remote and peaceful
We left St. Michaels for the Wye River.  We had a very hot spell of 90+ degree weather.  We enjoyed our time at St. Michaels...nice small town, good
provisioning, lots to do.  We left for the Wye river where we spent two days anchored in a small creek and spent our time crabbing and relaxing.
Georgia caught the two crabs and ate the keeper.....I guess she
has Grampa Bob's fishing gene.....
We left the Wye river for nice downwind sail with 20 knots out of the SE back up
the Chesapeake  to Annapolis